Skutz Falls on the Cowichan River

Skutz Falls along the Cowichan River at Cowichan River Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada

skutz falls along the cowichan river in cowichan river provincial park

The Cowichan River’s Skutz Falls in Cowichan River Provincial Park (Purchase)

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   A panorama photograph of Skutz Falls I made last spring during a visit to Cowichan River Provincial Park. Judging from other photographs I have seen it would appear this day had rather high water levels in the Cowichan River. I suspect a return trip some fall when there is nice autumn colours will be in order. I bet the water levels will be about right at that time of year.

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Englishman River Falls Provincial Park – Spring

Waterfalls at Englishman River Falls Provincial Park in Errington, British Columbia, Canada

englishman river falls

Englishman River Falls (Purchase)

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   Last spring I again visited Englishman River Falls Provincial Park on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Previously I had been to the Englishman River during a nice display of fall colours. Each season brings different opportunities, so I enjoyed the greener surroundings at the falls last spring.

   I really enjoy the main falls despite how challenging they can be to photograph, but the first time I visited on the last trip I just took them in and didn’t make any photos. I wasn’t seeing quite what I wanted, and just enjoyed the place instead. On my second trip I photographed these smaller cascades on the Englishman River near the main falls. Not as spectacular as the main falls, but I found these to be rather interesting too.

englishman river falls provincial park

Smaller Falls on the Englishman River (Purchase)

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Frozen Eureka Falls

A frozen Eureka Falls “flows” into Silverhope Creek near Hope, British Columbia, Canada

frozen eureka falls and silverhope creek near hope british columbia canada

Eureka Falls frozen in a recent cold snap (Purchase)

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   I visit Eureka Falls several times a year on my way to Silver Lake Provincial Park near Hope, British Columbia. This was the first time I had been there in winter, however, and the place looked much different than I am used to. Normally I visit Eureka Falls in early spring when the water levels are higher and of course the foliage is green. The ice on the waterfall was quite thick, but you could still see water flowing underneath the ice. The lower water levels on Silverhope creek at this time of year also allowed me to try some new angles and get closer to the water than I normally am able. Now that I have some more appropriate cold weather clothing I have many locations I want to photograph this winter now that hypothermia is less of an issue! Now all we need is to get some actual snow…

Little Qualicum Falls in Spring

Spring runoff at Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada

upper little qualicum falls in spring

Upper Little Qualicum Falls at Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park (Purchase)

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   Earlier this year I visited Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. The falls and area surrounding the river were much greener than they were the previous autumn which gives these photos a much different look. You can see the difference between the photo above and the Little Qualicum Falls photos I made last year. This time there were people at a wedding scrambling up the trail in light coloured, long dresses (not good on a muddy trail), suits and ties, and high heels. None of these seemed to have worked out very well for them – I saw lots of fancy, muddy shoes and at least one muddy dress. Not ideal clothing if you are intending to visit the falls btw. 😉

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2014 Nature Calendar Now Available

2012 wall calendar on sale cover mount shuksan picture lake

2014 Nature Calendar Covers – Canadian/US Holidays (Calendars use the same interior images)

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   My 2014 wall calendars are now available! I have put together some of my favourite images made in the past year into a 11″x17″ (28cm x 43cm) calendar. Included are 12 photographs of landscape and nature scenes from British Columbia and Washington State. There are two versions of this calendar – one with Canadian holidays and one with US holidays. The Canadian Calendar’s cover photograph is from British Columbia, the US version has a photo from Washington state – but all the images within the calendar are the same.

You can view a full preview and purchase this calendar through the links below (be sure to choose the correct version!)

Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon

Twin Falls on Lynn Creek at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

twin falls in lynn canyon park in north vancouver british columbia

Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon (Purchase)

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   Late last week I had some good weather so I visited 3 parks in Metro Vancouver. Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, and Lynn Canyon Park. Queen Elizabeth Park had some great fall colour in the Japanese Maples and Magnolia Trees, Stanley Park had not much at all, and Lynn Canyon had almost zero fall colours. This was not a problem, as one of my main goals there was to photograph Twin Falls on Lynn Creek.

   I made two mistakes in heading from Stanley Park to Lynn Canyon. First, my mental note of “its only a 15 minute drive” was a sufficient provocation to Murphy’s Law that I ended up suffering considerably in the eventual 80 minute nightmare traffic jam hell I encountered in North Vancouver. The best part was the large speed bumps every hundred feet for the last mile of the roadway. I only point this out because I learned that if you visit Lynn Canyon, parking in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve side makes for a much longer trek to the suspension bridge and Twin Falls. The last time I was there, I don’t believe the Lynn Canyon Ecology Center existed, and parking there is a much easier. I don’t mind a good hike, but my knees would prefer I avoid going up, down, back up, and down again on 200 feet of stairs. Then having to rush back through that all again to get my car out of a parking lot that closes at 7. Live and learn!

   As there are many fools who like to jump into the canyon and drown, there are fences all around Lynn Creek. Easy to jump over, but hard to photograph near. The above view of Twin Falls was not easy to photograph. I had to hang my camera on the top of a chain link fence, with only one tripod leg able to reach the top of the rock I was standing on. This made for some rather precarious shooting, but using Live View I was able to wait the 5-6 seconds it took to make my camera still before using my remote to trip the shutter. I made a few extra exposures just to make sure that I didn’t jostle the fence or my camera during the 8 second shutter speed.

   … and then all those stairs again…

Peachland and Okanagan Lake

Beachfront condos and shops along Beach Avenue on Okanakan Lake in Peachland, British Columbia, Canada

beach at peachland in british columbias okanagan

Beachfront Property at Peachland, British Columbia (Purchase)

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   During my May trip to the Thompson Okanagan I stopped to photograph along Beach avenue in Peachland, British Columbia. The benches along the beach proved a good place to eat lunch and watch some storm clouds come up from the south and up towards Kelowna.

   I also visited Hardy Falls in Peachland, which is a small waterfall along Deep Creek on the south end of the town. A quick 10 minute or so walk along a trail next to Deep Creek and I was at the falls. The area had changed much since the scouting images I looked at were made. A rockfall has blocked view of the lower part of the waterfall from the trail, and closed the end of the trail itself. I had briefly considered a way to get a better angle on the falls, but a rock rattled down the hillside into the water and I decided the photo below would suffice!

hardy falls near peachland british columbia

Hardy Falls in Peachland, BC (Purchase)

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Chase River Falls in Colliery Dam Park

Chase River Falls in Colliery Dam Park in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

chase river falls in colliery dam park in nanaimo british columbia canada

Chase River Falls in Nanaimo (Purchase)

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   I had already walked around Colliery Dam Park in Nanaimo on two separate occasions before someone asked me if I had seen the waterfall. I had thought they meant the two spillway waterfalls from each of the two dams in the park, but apparently there was a natural waterfall just a minute or two walk from where I stood. I am rather fortunate that this was pointed out to me, as research of the area and my own exploration had failed to discover Chase River Falls.

   Another reason I feel I was fortunate to be pointed to these falls at that time is that Colliery Dam Park itself will largely cease to exist due to removal of the two small dams. This will create large holes where the two small lakes now sit. I do not know if access to the Chase River Falls will change, but either way, strolling through a nice forest next to a lake is certainly more picturesque when compared to a construction site or open pit.

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