Englishman River Falls Provincial Park – Spring

Waterfalls at Englishman River Falls Provincial Park in Errington, British Columbia, Canada

englishman river falls

Englishman River Falls (Purchase)

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   Last spring I again visited Englishman River Falls Provincial Park on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Previously I had been to the Englishman River during a nice display of fall colours. Each season brings different opportunities, so I enjoyed the greener surroundings at the falls last spring.

   I really enjoy the main falls despite how challenging they can be to photograph, but the first time I visited on the last trip I just took them in and didn’t make any photos. I wasn’t seeing quite what I wanted, and just enjoyed the place instead. On my second trip I photographed these smaller cascades on the Englishman River near the main falls. Not as spectacular as the main falls, but I found these to be rather interesting too.

englishman river falls provincial park

Smaller Falls on the Englishman River (Purchase)

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