Mount Rainier Wildflowers – Edith Creek

Wildflowers surround Edith Creek just above Myrtle Falls in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State, USA

wildflowers and edith creek in mount rainier national park

Mount Rainier Wildflowers and Edith Creek (Purchase)

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  Last week I was photographing in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State, USA. Having worked my way down the Golden Gate Trail I was running out of good light options for the wildflowers, Tatoosh Range and Mount Rainier itself. There was a big cloud in the sky near Rainier that was lit up bright purple but I wasn’t able to find a composition that worked with it. I jogged (causing some tourist curiosity) down to Edith Creek just above Myrtle Falls to see if I could get this interesting light reflected in the small waterfall there. The photograph above is the result. This 25 second exposure was one of only two that I made (second one was vertical) before the lights were shut off and it was over for the night. Sometimes it does pay to hurry!

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