Frozen Eureka Falls

A frozen Eureka Falls “flows” into Silverhope Creek near Hope, British Columbia, Canada

frozen eureka falls and silverhope creek near hope british columbia canada

Eureka Falls frozen in a recent cold snap (Purchase)

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   I visit Eureka Falls several times a year on my way to Silver Lake Provincial Park near Hope, British Columbia. This was the first time I had been there in winter, however, and the place looked much different than I am used to. Normally I visit Eureka Falls in early spring when the water levels are higher and of course the foliage is green. The ice on the waterfall was quite thick, but you could still see water flowing underneath the ice. The lower water levels on Silverhope creek at this time of year also allowed me to try some new angles and get closer to the water than I normally am able. Now that I have some more appropriate cold weather clothing I have many locations I want to photograph this winter now that hypothermia is less of an issue! Now all we need is to get some actual snow…

2 thoughts on “Frozen Eureka Falls”

  1. Beautiful photograph! We have a waterfall right in the center of town and it usually freezes over by late January! The photographers line up to get covered in spray.

    With respect to snow, you should be careful what you wish for! I already have snow banks 24″ high along my driveway with another 6-8″ on the way over the weekend. It’s not even Christmas yet! I’m up to my tolerance level already!

    • Thanks glad you liked it. Is the waterfall in Ottawa Hogsback Falls? The thing about snow out here is no matter how much we get, it is almost always gone in a few weeks. -13° was a bit colder than usual though!


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