About Michael Russell Photography

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I am a British Columbia photographer that was born in North Vancouver next to the peaks of the Pacific Coast Range. My interest in science and nature started when I was young and extended into University where I obtained a BSc. in Biological Sciences from Simon Fraser University.

Since my time in University I have traveled throughout the southwest of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest’s Washington State exploring and making photographs. The coast of British Columbia is a wonderful place for a photographer to live. Within a few hours I can travel from ocean views, rainforests, alpine meadows, and desert environments.

My main photographic interests are landscapes and nature though I do photograph wildlife and architecture when I find them. Many of my new travels and photographs are discussed on my Photoblog and my various social media accounts.

My photographs are available for rights-managed licensing and fine art prints and canvas. If you have any questions about me or my photography, don’t hesitate to use the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

About the Website

This website exists in 2 closely linked parts: the main website and blog at mrussellphotography.com, and the Image Library. I enjoy coding and building websites, but keeping up with the demands of search engines and ever evolving code caught up to me. I switched the entire site to WordPress recently. I miss hand coding sometimes, but I still write blog posts in html/css manually so I get a little bit of practice that way. The great theme GeneratePress Premium handles both the blog and the rest of the website.

The Image Library – Powered by Photoshelter

I have been using Photoshelter since 2011 to store my Image Library. Join me on PhotoShelter Photoshelter holds all of my completed images in the various galleries and collections – allowing customers to search for what they want and purchase any time they wish. Credit card transactions on my site are safe and secure and while handled through a 3rd party (Stripe) customers never have to leave my site in order to complete their transaction.

If you are a photographer or visual artist I highly recommend Photoshelter in order to store, display and sell your work. Their service is fast, reliable, and their customer service has not let me down yet. If you are considering Photoshelter for your website or to host your archive follow my affiliate link (button to the right) and we will both save a little money.

Website Hosting – Dreamhost.com

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sign up for dreamhost web hosting Since 2013 I have hosted my website and photoblog with Dreamhost.com. I have left a number of previous hosts over the years that had a lot of server problems, email problems, and downtime. Since being with Dreamhost I haven’t had to deal with these issues. I have been happy with how fast my site loads on their servers, and now that they run everything on SSD drives, things are even faster. If you are looking for a new web host, I can recommend Dreamhost due to my positive experience over the past 3 years.