Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon

Twin Falls on Lynn Creek at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

twin falls in lynn canyon park in north vancouver british columbia

Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon (Purchase)

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   Late last week I had some good weather so I visited 3 parks in Metro Vancouver. Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, and Lynn Canyon Park. Queen Elizabeth Park had some great fall colour in the Japanese Maples and Magnolia Trees, Stanley Park had not much at all, and Lynn Canyon had almost zero fall colours. This was not a problem, as one of my main goals there was to photograph Twin Falls on Lynn Creek.

   I made two mistakes in heading from Stanley Park to Lynn Canyon. First, my mental note of “its only a 15 minute drive” was a sufficient provocation to Murphy’s Law that I ended up suffering considerably in the eventual 80 minute nightmare traffic jam hell I encountered in North Vancouver. The best part was the large speed bumps every hundred feet for the last mile of the roadway. I only point this out because I learned that if you visit Lynn Canyon, parking in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve side makes for a much longer trek to the suspension bridge and Twin Falls. The last time I was there, I don’t believe the Lynn Canyon Ecology Center existed, and parking there is a much easier. I don’t mind a good hike, but my knees would prefer I avoid going up, down, back up, and down again on 200 feet of stairs. Then having to rush back through that all again to get my car out of a parking lot that closes at 7. Live and learn!

   As there are many fools who like to jump into the canyon and drown, there are fences all around Lynn Creek. Easy to jump over, but hard to photograph near. The above view of Twin Falls was not easy to photograph. I had to hang my camera on the top of a chain link fence, with only one tripod leg able to reach the top of the rock I was standing on. This made for some rather precarious shooting, but using Live View I was able to wait the 5-6 seconds it took to make my camera still before using my remote to trip the shutter. I made a few extra exposures just to make sure that I didn’t jostle the fence or my camera during the 8 second shutter speed.

   … and then all those stairs again…