The Hope Slide

    In the early morning hours of January 9, 1965 a small avalanche descended from Johnson Peak across the Hope-Princeton Hwy, a few kilometers from Hope, BC. Four people had stopped to wait for crews to clear the slide from the highway. As they waited in the dark, a small earthquake occurred beneath Johnson Peak causing the largest rock avalanche ever recorded in British Columbia. 47 million cubic meters of rock came down the slope, covered the highway, and obliterated Outram Lake. The water from the lake, and some of the rock debris, crossed the valley and flowed from side to side, sloshing back and forth across the valley. Two of the bodies of the 4 people were recovered, the other two are still underneath approximately 70 meters of rock. The highway was rerouted around the slide debris, and a rest stop and memorial overlook the slide area.

The first stop on my trip earlier this month through Manning Park/Kelowna/Kamloops was to the Hope Slide.

The remains of Johnson Peak:


Panorama of Johnson Peak (7 photos stitched) and the slide area:


Honeybee (Apis mellifera) on Forget-me-not

After a seemingly endless search for the “perfect” bee shot, I decided last summer to skip a year in taking them. I have some nice bee shots, but I became so tired of sorting through them I don’t even want to look at a bee on a flower for a while.


For some reason I took this shot in the middle of a bunch of other macro shots back in May – and it turned out rather well. I have several shots of bees with their “tongues” stuck out – but this guy actually has it IN a flower from a forget-me-not.

bee on forgetmenot

Closer Crop – you can see the tongue better:

bee on forgetmenot
Bee on Forget-me-not (2009)

A Few Leftover Winter Shots

Now that the weather has turned hot I’ll post a few pictures with snow. Lots of snow this past winter – almost 3 feet on the ground at once which I do not think I’ve seen here before. Enjoyable except for being trapped at the house for almost a week due to snow on the road.

pinetree buriedfence birdtracks

walnuttree roses

A few from early January:

frostedmagnolia frostyrosebush frozenhips