Vancouver Pt. 1

I have to make more trips to downtown Vancouver at night. Here are a few from August, 2009. First we have downtown Vancouver at Coal Harbour, HMCS Discovery on Deadman Island and Yachts in the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

downtown vancouver and coal harbour hmcs discovery - deadman island

warp speed vancouver coal harbour boats

hmcs discovery - deadman island coal harbour boats

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  1. Hi there, your skyline shots of Vancouver are beautiful! Especially the reflections in the water of the first shot (Downtown Van and Coal Harbour). Do you mind me asking where this was taken from? Are you on Deadman Island looking south towards downtown, or is that view from somewhere within Stanley Park? I’m going to be in Vancouver for a few days and would love to see this sight!

    Also, would you happen to know if there are any good skyline vantage points from south of downtown? Granville Island? The foot of Burrard St. Bridge area? I haven’t been to Vancouver for a few years, can’t remember what was what anymore. Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


    • Thanks! Glad you like my photos of Vancouver! If you visit Stanley Park most of my downtown shots are taken from two obvious points, one right by the Totem poles and the other by the statue of Harry Jerome. There is a newer panorama I posted earlier this year ( ) that was taken just beside the 9 o-clock gun. These spots will be fairly obvious once you wander into Stanley Park – you might even be able to scope them out before hand using Google streetview (a great tool for preparing imo). As for southern viewpoints, I haven’t shot from there but I know there are good views from Granville Island though I haven’t been near the foot of Burrard Street Bridge myself. Pretty much all the points along False Creek are going to have views of downtown in one form or another. There are also good views of Science World (the round dome) I see photographed from the edge of False Creek though I can’t say exactly where that is – I believe its a park near what was once the Olympic Village. I live over an hour away from Van so I don’t get in there as often as I probably should. Enjoy your trip! The weather for the next while is supposed to be nice – which beats constant rain!


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