Reflection Lakes and Mt. Rainier

Mount Rainier is mirrored in Reflection Lakes in the evening light at Mount Rainier National Park.

mount rainier reflection at reflection lakes

Mount Rainier at Reflection Lakes (Purchase)

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   I know the Reflection Lakes are a very common subject in Mt. Rainier National Park and, being right beside the road, readily accessible. I still love this spot though, and since on my other two trips to Rainier it was first surrounded by snow and then very windy I lingered in the early evening on my recent October trip. Unfortunately it was a bit late in the year to get a good foreground subject as the wildflowers were long past, but I still like this result – the reflection is almost perfect. Not terribly original though but I have written in a notebook that I bring with me on such trips a few compositional ideas I have for next time. Without it I tend to forget my ideas until a few hours after I have left an area, having returned to implement those very ideas. Of course, this all hinges on me remembering to bring the notebook…

More photographs from this location can be found in my Mount Rainier National Park Gallery

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