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Old Blog Template
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   Late last year I redesigned my overall website and started using Photoshelter for my gallery, replacing the older gallery I had programmed myself. However, there were a few problems:

a) visitors clicking on my blog link were transferred to my photoblog but it looked very different than my overall site
b) visitors landing directly on the photoblog didn’t really have an obvious way to discover my overall website

So I setup a test blog to try and fix this and asked my Twitter and Google+ followers what they thought. Thank you for your responses btw! I always use a testing blog because I never want to have a catastrophic code botch on a live site! Not that this would ever happen of course…

 So what I am hoping here is that:

  1. The photoblog now fits in a lot nicer with the website and image archive. It shouldn’t feel like you are going to a whole different site anymore.
  2. The text has been enlarged slightly on the posts now so hopefully that is a bit easier to read.

Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Blog Template Changes”

    • Thanks for taking a look! This had been bugging me since last year. Didn’t want people to think they had gone to a whole new site when they clicked “blog”. Will probably help traffic on my main website too as the blog is what currently gathers most of the google visits.


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