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   This week I launched my upgraded website: complete with a new Gallery and automated print and licensing purchasing – and lots of new photos!

   A year ago I completed a very drastic redesign of this site. Unfortunately the mysql/php gallery I wrote did not allow me to easily update with new images (lesson learned: also focus on the UI of the admin section!). I sought something a bit easier to maintain so I would actually update the site. I would have enjoyed spending a few months redesigning it but I never could have made it as full featured as the Photoshelter Gallery I am using now. I also would rather spend that time actually taking photo! My old gallery will remain up for a while, I may yet have a purpose for it.

   Now the work turns from configuring and building this site to adding even more images from my archive. Keywording and editing! As with any website launch there could be a few problems here and there. If you have noticed and issue or have any other feedback I’d love to hear it. 🙂

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