My Top 10 Photographs of 2019

It is again time to post my favourite images from the past year. Choosing these images is always a good exercise, though I did something a bit different this year. Usually selecting my images for my yearly calendar is a good basis for my top 10 selections. This year I ignored the calendar images, and went through all the photos I have completed from 2019 from scratch. I also set aside this selection of approximately 25 images and then went through all the 2019 images again a few weeks later. Often I wonder if my selections in these lists are just my favourites from the 20 minutes it took to choose them. So this year I went through the list a few times over a longer period.

I like sharing this list each year, and viewing everyone else’s lists as well. I also make this post so I can participate in Jim Goldstein’s annual Your Best Photos project. His collection of these posts is a great place to find new photographers you may not have discovered before.

If you click on a photo you’ll be taken to my Image Archive. I’ve also linked to corresponding blog posts that contain these images (if available) to provide more information about the location or to see other photos from that area. These photos aren’t in any specific order though I think the first one from Silver Lake may be my favourite. In this moment I’m writing this at least.

I hope you enjoy this years selections and am curious to hear if you have any particular favourites.

My Favourite Photos of 2019:

bonsai tree at silver lake provincial park reflection fall
1. A Black Cottonwood (Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa) reflection at Silver Lake Provincial Park

(Hope, British Columbia)

ferry sailing in the salish sea at sunset
2. Queen of Oak Bay in the Salish Sea
(West Vancouver, British Columbia)
Blog post: Point Atkinson Lighthouse in Lighthouse Park

view of vancouver from burnaby mountain
3. View of the City of Vancouver, North Vancouver, and beyond from Burnaby Mountain
(Burnaby, British Columbia)
Blog post: View of Vancouver and North Vancouver from Burnaby Mountain

cedar waxwing at godwin farm biodiversity preserve
4. Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) at Godwin Farm
(Surrey, British Columbia)
Blog post: Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve in Surrey

plants growing in katzie marsh
5. Wetland plants (reeds or sedges) growing in Katzie Marsh
(Pitt Meadows, British Columbia)
Blog post: Katzie Marsh Loop in the Pitt-Addington Wildlife Management Area

mount maxwell and blackburn lake on salt spring island
6. Reflection of Mount Maxwell on a rainy day at Blackburn Lake
(Salt Spring Island, British Columbia)
Blog post: Fall Foliage on Salt Spring Island

learning to sail at crescent beach
7. Gable Roof Barn (1898) and Gambrel Roof Barn (1939) at Annand/Rowlatt Farmstead
(Langley, British Columbia)
Blog post: Annand Rowlatt Farmstead (1886) in Township of Langley

learning to sail at crescent beach
8. Learning to Sail at Crescent Beach
(Surrey, British Columbia)
Blog post: Crescent Beach Pier at Sunset

baby rabbit
9. Baby Eastern Cottontail (S. floridanus) Eating Hawksbeard Flowers
(Langley, British Columbia)
Blog post: Random Photos Volume II

baby rabbit
10. Blanketflower (Gaillardia aristata) growing in a field at Blackie Spit
(Surrey, British Columbia)
Blog post: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II Lens Review

You can view my favourite photographs from 2018 here: My Top 10 Photos of 2018.

24 thoughts on “My Top 10 Photographs of 2019”

  1. A beautiful and diverse selection that reflects your interests and preferences nicely (I’d say:-). It’s probably no surprise that I like #1 and #5 the best – #1 in particular is absolutely amazing. Happy Holidays & all the best for 2020!

    • Thanks Stefan! While those clouds are interesting, I don’t think that would be that interesting a photo without the Ferry. I was glad to see it show up when it did! 🙂

  2. A great set with nice variety, Michael. I feel like I’m copying Alex, but I have to say I like #’s 1&5 best. My affinity for the first one could be because it reminds me of one of my favourites here on the island; the tree on Fairy Lake. I look forward to seeing more of your work in 2020.

    • Thanks Drake! Those two scenes (#1/#5) are probably my favourites as well, though that changes over time. Its funny, the first photo I described to someone as a bit like the Fairy Lake shot. They had never seen it, haven’t even been on the Island, but knew the photo I was describing instantly. Hopefully the location I photographed won’t become popular like that one!

  3. I enjoyed scrolling through these beautiful images. The very first one of the Black Cottonwood is my favourite of your picks.

    I look forward to seeing what you create in 2020.

    I am not ready as yet. I still have to cull through the list of potential images which, after a year, is now up to 35.

    • Thank you Khürt! I’ll take a look for your list in Jim’s post if you enter it. I initially pulled around 25 from my shots this year – it can be a bit of a process to decide on just 10!

  4. The minimalism of the Katzie Marsh image takes the prize for me. I guess I was expecting big mountain scenes but these are all strong images (well, the bunny is kinda soft and delicate). Have another good year in 2020!

    • Thank you Luka! The first photograph seems to be quite popular – many people choose that one. The sailboat is a personal favourite. I don’t often have people in my photographs but that one worked for me.


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