My Top 10 Photographs from 2022

It is again time to look back and see what my favourite images are from what I’ve published this year. With a long and wet spring, a long hot drought summer, and an almost non-existent fall before the cold came… it has been an “interesting” year to work with!

Working on my 2023 Nature Calendar every year helps get this list started, though there are usually a few differences as I have a more limited scope of themes for the calendar. If you click on a photo below you’ll be taken to my Image Library. I’ve also linked to corresponding blog posts that contain these images (if available) to provide more information about the location or to see other photos from that area. As usual, choosing 10 images is rather difficult (and I cheated this year), even though these should be considered my favourites and not the “best” necessarily. These aren’t in any order really as that would be just too hard!

I hope you enjoy this years selections and am curious to hear if you have any particular favourites!

My Favourite Photos of 2022:

canada goose goslings under wing
1. Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) Goslings Taking Shelter Under Mom’s Wing
(Mission, British Columbia)
    Blog post: Miscellaneous Photos Collection #5

sailboat english bay west end vancouver
2. Sailboat on English Bay near the West End of Vancouver
(Vancouver, British Columbia)
    Blog post: Views from Jericho Pier and Locarno Beach

sailboat with red sail on english bay in vancouver
3. Sailboat Crossing English Bay

    (Vancouver, British Columbia)

fairyslipper orchid calypso bulbosa
4. Fairy Slipper Orchid (Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis)
(Salt Spring Island, British Columbia)
    Blog post: Wildflowers on Salt Spring Island

sandhill crane chick in shoreline plants
5. Sandhill Crane (Antigone canadensis) Chick

    (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia)

dark thunderstorm clouds over south surrey farmland nicomekl river
6. Thunderstorm Clouds Darken the Sky Over South Surrey Farmland
(Surrey, British Columbia)
    Blog post: Storm Clouds Over South Surrey

alison the jersey cow grazing at ruckle heritage farm
7. A Jersey Cow Named Alison Grazes in a field at Ruckle Heritage Farm
(Salt Spring Island, British Columbia)
    Blog post: Ruckle Heritage Farm on Salt Spring Island

snow on the trees at derby reach regional park near the fraser river
8. Snow Outlines the Branches in a Deciduous Forest
(Langley, British Columbia)
    Blog post: A Snowy Walk at Derby Reach Regional Park

sailboat anchored in burgoyne bay
9. Sailboat Anchored in Burgoyne Bay

    (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia)

round-leaved sundew camosun bog
10. Round-Leaved Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) at Camosun Bog
(Vancouver, British Columbia)
    Blog post: Bog Plants in Vancouver’s Camosun Bog

Bonus Image

Okay, here is a “bonus” image as I just liked the evening light around this Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) too much to not include it:

great blue heron at beach grove lagoon tsawwassen
11. Great Blue Heron Resting in a Grassy Field
(Tsawwassen, British Columbia)
    Blog post: Bird Photography at Tsawwassen’s Beach Grove Lagoon

For many years Jim Goldstein maintained a list of photographer’s top 10 posts but he seems to have given that up. For the past few years Tracy Schultze has created his own list which you can ask to be part of. You can find his list here: I always discover some interesting photographers on these lists.

You can view my favourite photographs from 2021 here: My Top 10 Photos of 2021.

13 thoughts on “My Top 10 Photographs from 2022”

  1. Well the Canada Goose and goslings is probably one of my all-time favorites of any year. Noting a bit of a sailboat and bird emphasis for 2022. Nice work all around, may you have many more gems in 2023.

    • Thanks! I have been photographing more birds as they are always around somewhere, even if a wider landscape scene isn’t working out. On occasion I do go out and look for them on purpose, but neither of them here (goose/crane) were as a result of that. Both were just luck! The sailboats are a consequence of liking them as a subject when the wider scene isn’t doing enough on its own. The red sail was just lucky. As I waited for them to get in front of a different background I’d picked out, they took down the sails! 🙂

  2. These are all excellent but I think #8 (a snowy walk) is my favourite. I’m also quite attracted to the photo of Alison the Jersey cow!

    • Thank you! I don’t expect that being able to name a cow I photograph will be all that common in the future. Ruckle Farm on Salt Spring has its own website/facebook page which features that cow often, so I had to name her in the photo!

  3. Beautiful moments and wonderful photos, Michael! I’m really loving the mother goose, baby crane, sailboat w/ forest, the bucolic barn, and the dark clouds. That snowy forest scene has really big fine art print written all over it! 🙂 Cheers & Happy Holidays, and many good wishes for a great 2023!

  4. Nice collection, Michael. I just finished mine and recognize how hard it can be to pull out a dozen or so images. The Blue Heron and Alison the cow would top my list any year.

    • Thank you Joe! It can be difficult, and I often also peruse the edits that aren’t finished and publish something just for the list. The Sandhill Crane chick had that honor this year.

  5. Quite a diverse selection, Michael. 🙂 I particularly like the plant photos (for some reason) but my personal winner would be “Sailboat Crossing English Bay” — such nice minimalism, really well seen and framed!

    • Thank you Alex! That one is one I hope to see printed eventually. Interesting what the takeaway images turn out to be when going to the city for cityscape and fall foliage photos!


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