Mt. Rainier Wildflowers

A few wildflowers from Mt. Rainier National Park. Merten’s Bluebells (Mertensia paniculata) and a somewhat beleaguered Avalanche Lily (Erythronium montanum). A better version of this flower can be found in a previous post of mine. Next trip there will not be so rushed and I will likely have more of a chance to get the macro lens after these a bit more.

mertens bluebells mertensia paniculata mertens bluebells mertensia paniculata

avalanche lily erythronium montanum mertens bluebells mertensia paniculata

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

More shots from the Mt. Baker Ski Area.

American Border Peak (2,794 feet (852 meters))

american border peak

Closeups of Mt. Shuksan and Shuksan Arm

mt shuksan mt shuksan shuksan arm

mt shuksan mt shukan

This little Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis) at first made me think he was a rare opportunity but quickly proved to be rather tame – and not shy about begging for a handout.

gray jay perisoreus canadensis gray jay perisoreus canadensis

gray jay perisoreus canadensis white avalanche lily erythronium montanum