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Silver Lake Fall Colours Panorama

panorama of fall colours reflecting in silver lake in silver lake provincial park

Silver Lake Provincial Park Panorama

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   In late September I went to Silver Lake Provincial Park in the Skagit Valley near Hope, British Columbia. The Fall colours had just started to appear. A few weeks later, however, they were almost in full swing. The above panorama was made about 3 weeks after my previous shot – how quickly things change! Again I was very lucky to have a near perfect reflection on Silver Lake – I’ve been there a few times when there were almost waves due to the wind. The majority of the Fall colours here are provided by Bigleaf Maples (Acer macrophyllum) and Vine Maples (Acer circinatum).

Fall Colours at Silver Lake

maple trees reflecting in silver lake in silver lake provincial park

Silver Lake Provincial Park

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   Last night I was in the Eastern Fraser Valley near Hope, British Columbia. My destination was Silver Lake Provincial Park. Years ago I stopped here after a storm had rolled through and managed to photograph a great reflection on the lake. Last night I was hoping that conditions would let me try this again, with a bit more exploration of the area. I was not disappointed, though there weren’t many clouds to make the sky a bit more interesting. The reflections were great, though the amount of fish jumping occasionally messed up the stillness of the water! The trees reflected in Silver Lake are Bigleaf Maples (Acer macrophyllum) and Vine Maples (Acer circinatum). It is a bit early for such Fall colours, but with the amount of dry weather this area has had for the last few months, it seems some of the trees are packing it in early.

Vine Maples and Silverhope Creek

spring leaves on the vine maples - acer circinatum - above silverhope creek near hope - british columbia

Vine Maples (Acer circinatum) &
Silverhope Creek
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   Silverhope Creek (in the Skagit Valley near Hope, British Columbia) is one of my favourite spots to photograph fast water and foliage in the Fraser Valley. I have not spent enough time exploring upper parts of the Chillwack River though, and that area also looks pretty promising too. This creek runs along the road to Silver Lake Provincial Park. The creek itself offers many photography opportunities though the area around the lake itself is also quite nice. I really like this scene with the fresh leaves of Vine Maples (Acer circinatum) and the Western Red Cedars (Thuja plicata) growing just above the fast flowing water. I plan to head out to Silverhope Creek again this Spring. I have a few ideas on better compositions than I managed last year. I also hope to be there when the wind isn’t blowing the leaves around so much! I tried many exposures before this one had the leaves at least somewhat well behaved. Next time I will try a few exposures where I leave the shutter open for a long period of time to show the trees moving as well.

Ohanapecosh Campground in Mt. Rainier National Park

In 2006 Mt. Rainier National Park received 18 inches (45cm) of rain in 36 hours. Flooding damaged roads, infrastructure and changed the course of rivers. A 5000 ft (1524 meters) landslide (page 29) below Stevens Canyon Road dumped into the Ohanapecosh River near the Ohanapecosh Campground.

I would not have wanted to be here when this came down.

slide at ohanapecosh campground

slide at ohanapecosh campground ohanapecosh river at ohanapecosh campground

Vine Maple (Acer circinatum) at the campground.

vine maple acer circinatum at ohanapecosh campground vine maple acer circinatum at ohanapecosh campground vine maple acer circinatum at ohanapecosh campground

Spring in Campbell Valley Park

A few pictures from Campbell Valley Park in Langley, BC.

false lily of the valley mallards

pacific bleeding heart sword fern

looking up looking up

skunk cabbage skunk cabbage

peeling bark cedar tree root

the great wall of squirrel junk food

vine maple vine maple

old fence vine maple

The Lochiel Schoolhouse