Table Mountain from Heather Meadows

Table Mountain and Heather Meadows area near sunset at the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State.

table mountain at sunset from heather meadows

Table Mountain at Sunset from Heather Meadows (Purchase)

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   This photograph of Table Mountain was first published here on my blog back in 2009 but has since been reprocessed to bring out a few more details in the sky and the foreground. The path here leads down to the Bagley lakes and trails that lead further up towards Herman Saddle and the lakes to the west. One of my favourite spots to stop while visiting the area as there is a wide variety of subjects to photograph.

You can view more of my photography from this and surrounding areas in my Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Gallery.

Table Mountain from Bagley Lakes Trail

Table Mountain from the Bagley Lakes Trail at the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State, USA.

table mountain at bagley lakes mount baker wilderness

Table Mountain at Bagley Lakes (Purchase)

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    This is a photo I made in late September of Table Mountain in the Mount Baker Wilderness. This was along the Bagley Lakes Trail – and was one of the first short hikes I’d done in the area other than walking along the ridge near Artist Point. Being late September I was expecting that there would be few (if any) wildflowers and the Fall colours would be well on their way to starting in the various Vaccinium bushes etc. Everything was still green and the wildflowers were either just past, or still going strong (as was the case for the Lupines). I went hiking there 2 weeks later – and there STILL were hardly any leaves turning. I am curious to see what this year brings for Summer and Fall weather.

Table Mountain and Bagley Lakes

table mountain and bagley lakes

Frequently when I go into Washington State and the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest I am in a rush to get either to Picture Lake or Artist Point and completely skip stopping at this view of Table Mountain. Someday I will manage to stop and savour this particular view but I am glad that this photo managed to capture some of the growing sunset in the sky.

Bagley Lakes & Table Mountain

Bagley Lakes and Austin Pass Lake (right) near the Bagley Lakes trail at the Mt. Baker Ski area. Tabletop Mountain is on the left in the first image.

Wildflower below is Tolmie’s Saxifrage ( Saxifraga tolmiei ).

tabletop mountain austin pass lakes tolmies Saxifrage saxifraga tolmiei

bagley lakes

Mt. Shuksan & Mt. Baker Artist Point 360° Panorama

EDIT: I have since cropped and reprocessed this panorama to include just the portion with Mount Baker:

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mt baker from artist point

1. 31 exposures stitched, Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 USM @ 20mm

Major mountains I can ID in this photo: American Border Peak, Mt. Larrabee, Winchester Mountain, Goat Mountain, Mt. Sefrit, Mt. Shuksan, Shuksan Arm, Mt. Baker, Tabletop Mountain

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mt baker from artist point

2. Another version of the same panorama. This one is cropped to 1) include less of the “superfluous” scenery and 2) to preserve the potential idea that I hiked my ass off to get up there by cropping out the parking lot!

mt baker from artist point

Table Mountain – Mount Baker Wilderness

Tabletop Mountain from the start of the Bagley Lakes trail. I am going to venture further up this trail most likely in late August -as it was closed this early in June. The fact that I went down the hill on my butt for about 6 feet while trying to protect my camera made it clear why the trail was closed. These were taken just off the upper parking lot of Mt Baker Ski Area.

table top mountain  and bagley lakes table top mountain  and bagley lakes

table top mountain  and bagley lakes table top mountain  and bagley lakes

subalpine buttercup bagley creek