Mt. Rainier from Rickesecker Point

More shots of Mt. Rainier. These were taken on lookouts on the stretch from the Nisqually River Bridge to Ricksecker Point.

This is probably my favourite Mt. Rainier panorama I took from this point. Sadly the frame on the far left is missing… there was a large insect or something in the way of my lens at the time and it was unrecoverable. Still, I like the colours – I should get a polarizer on my other big lenses.

4 exposures stitched – Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM + circular polarizer.

mt rainier panorama

What follows is a lot of obvious option paralysis as to what shots to actually choose for inclusion here. I guess I’m just not in a mood to cull a lot today.

mt rainier mt rainier mt rainier

mt rainier nisqually ice cliff and gibraltar shute

mt rainier closeup mt rainier

Mount Rainier Spring Panorama

In early July I travelled down to Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State. My main regret was only having about 2 days to spend there (down on morning up the next evening). Still managed to fill my 8Gb data card though! I will be returning a bit later in the year to photograph some more wildflowers and get access to more of the park. I plan on staying a few nights as well – one was not nearly enough. I used the Nisqually Entrance and could only get as far as the very beginning of Stephens Canyon Road (Stevens Creek Bridge) due to a road closure in the July trip.

More photos coming soon – but lets start with Mt. Rainier itself. A panorama of course – 9 exposures stitched – Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM.

mt. rainier