New Year’s Photography Resolutions 2014

great blue heron - ardea herodias - at the capilano riverEvery post needs a photo right? -click to enlarge-

   I have been reading many photographer’s 2014 New Years Resolutions for the past week or so. This started me thinking about what I might set as a few goals for the year myself. Goals are good right? I think that by writing them out and posting them here I am even more likely to remember them later and follow through as well. So in no particular order:


  1. Vertical frames for Panoramas

    I need to make more panoramas using vertical frames instead of horizontal ones for the increased resolution. These horizontal frames just don’t cut it when stitched together. My aging computer may not agree, however.

  2. Take better notes

    Often on location I think of other ideas I have for photography during different weather or times of day. Perhaps I found a new trailhead to explore and just won’t remember this later. I can’t always remember all these details so I need to make better notes on these ideas. I have a book for this – I need to use it!

  3. Better backups

    I already have things backed up redundantly but need a better offsite backup solution. Currently all my full resolution “finished” images are backed up online, but I’d like to have a hard drive with all of my raw files and layered Photoshop files on it somewhere other than my house. I still have nowhere to put that yet – a safety deposit box might be the only option. The upload speed from my house means it would take about 3-4 years to put my archive in an online backup solution, which basically eliminates that idea.

  4. Better photo organization

    I revamped how I organize my photos a few years ago but now that I have many more thousands of images, it is clear this needs to be done differently.

  5. Attack more of my editing backlog

    While there is often a lot to gain from a healthy distance between my expectations for a photo and actual editing, sometimes this goes on a bit too long. Time to get cracking!

   There are other things I will attempt to improve on this year, but these 5 items that a lot of photographers may also find applicable to themselves.