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Pinnacle Peak Alpenglow

Last bit of daylight on Pinnacle Peak, Mt. Rainier National Park.

24 exposures stitched, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro

Click for larger version…
pinnacle peak alpenglo

Tatoosh Range at Sunset

Mt. Rainier National Park in September.

pinnacle peak at sunset the castle and pinnacle peak near sunset

moon rise tatoosh range

Mt. Rainier – Ricksecker Point to Paradise

A few shots of Mt. Rainier from Ricksecker Point and Paradise Inn from Paradise Valley in Mt. Rainier National Park.

mt rainier ricksecker point pinnacle peak from ricksecker point

mt rainier ricksecker point mt rainier ricksecker point

Narada Falls – Mt. Rainier National Park

I previously posted a “panorama” shot from the trail next to Narada Falls. These are a few more of the falls and the surrounding area.

narada falls paradise river narada falls

narada falls narada falls narada falls

pinnacle peak tatoosh range paradise river narada valls paradise river

Peaks in the Tatoosh Range

ricksecker point tatoosh range

Cloudier view of the Nisqually River Bridge near the source of the Nisqually River just below the glacier.

nisqually river bridge

Mt. Rainier Miscellany

A few more shots from Mt. Rainier National Park – Day one. The next day I was there earlier this year was cloudy – so no shots of the mountain. Good day for waterfalls though. A group of German tourists asked me how much further they needed to drive to see Mt. Rainier. We were standing in the parking lot in Paradise. Paradise is literally right next to the mountain, so I had to explain that it was likely they were not going to see the mountain that day. Disappointing would be an understatement. Im hoping my vacation window opening later this month allows for actual mountain viewing.

Lupine (Lupinus latifolius)

nisqually glacier on mt rainier lupine lupinus latifolius pinnacle peak tatoosh range

mt. rainier castle pinnacle peak tatoosh range

Castle, Plummer and Pinnacle Peaks of the Tatoosh Range

More of the Tatoosh Range in Mt. Rainier National Park. I like the word Tatoosh. Tatoooooosh.

castle pinnacle plummer peaks tattosh range

Tatoosh Range / Ricksecker Point – Mt. Rainier National Park

wahpenago and chutla peak wahpenago peak

chutla peak pinnacle peak

arctic lupine denman peak