Organic Peas

   A few weeks ago this was the harvest from my organic vegetable garden. I had many bushels of peas out of the garden this year which is always nice. Nothing quite like fresh peas and considering how labour intensive they are compared to my other crops it is satisfying to get a lot of them.

organic peas

A bushel of organic peas (Lincoln Homesteader variety )

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Trying Something New ‐ Peas and Pods

peas and pods
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   As you know I shoot primarily landscape and nature stuff – some macro, and some cityscapes. I have never really tried to do any sort of staged product photography (if thats what you call it) like this before. Trying something new is a great way to learn something new. I ventured outside (for some ambient light) used photocopy paper for the white background, a built in flash, and a snoot made out of a Pringles can with white paper towel as a diffuser. What could possibly go wrong with high end equipment like that?

   I do think this went rather well, and better than I had expected. Here are a few more from my experiment:

peas and pods peas and pods peas and pods peas and pods