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Group of Small Mushrooms

group of small mushrooms in campbell valley park, langley, british columbia
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   I made this photo in a favourite local park – Campbell Valley Regional Park in Langley, British Columbia. There is not much in the way of wide open scenery here, but it is a great place to focus on smaller things such as mushrooms, wildflowers and occasionally birds. If you have read my previous mushroom posts over on Google+ it will come to you as no surprise that I have not identified this species of mushroom.

   I would normally shoot something like this with my macro lens, but in this case I was not going to be able to get close to this log at all without destroying a lot of underbrush, so I setup my tripod on the trail and used my 70-200mm lens to “get closer”. I am not against placing items in a scene, but for this particular photo I did not place the Maple leaf – it was already laying there. I do have another version of this photo without the leaf, but I believe the above composition is stronger with the leaf in place.

Macro Panorama?

I am sure I am abusing the term panorama by calling this a “macro panorama” but it seems the easiest term for this. Would have been much easier with a panorama specific clamp on my ballhead but I did okay sliding my tripod instead. I wouldn’t want to use that method every time if I were to do a lot of stuff like this though.

8 exposures stitched, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro

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lichen and moss on maple trunk

Whatcom Falls Park – October 2008 – Part I

Last October in Whatcom Falls Park

whatcom falls whatcomcreek pineneedles

whatcom falls whatcom falls

whatcom falls stonebridgeferns whatcom falls

Chilliwack River Valley – October 2008

Chilliwack River Valley trip from last October. More Fall colour stuff.

chilliwackriver chilliwackriver

chilliwackriver chilliwackriver

chilliwackrivervalley chilliwackrivervalley

March 2008 Photos

Cascade Falls

cascadefalls cascadefalls cascadefalls

cascadefallsbridge cascadefalls cascadefalls


This one done with HDR. I still think its a bit like cheating.


iMac Spider


primula honeybeeonheather honeybeeonheather

honeybeeonheather insectonheather molly


February 2008 Photos

hairyplant rosehips rosethorns

lavender moss moss mite

Now THAT’S Macro Depth of Field!

moss mite

fly fly

Winter Heather

winterheather winterheather winterheather

Option Paralysis

bullrush bullrush

Lunar Eclipse Feb 20

lunareclipse lunareclipse

Glen Valley

cntrain cntrain horse

Sumas Prairie


Mt. Baker

mtbaker mtbaker