Backyard Lunar Eclipse

eclipse A week ago I was excited to find out there was a full lunar eclipse occurring on December 21st. I had tried to photograph the last one I was able to see near Vancouver, BC years ago. Unfortunately that attempt was with a shaky tripod and a “kit lens quality” 300mm zoom lens. The results were not that good at all. I am much better prepared now.

In theory…

As I had no expectation of the lifting of the cloud cover this morning I did not do much preparation of my equipment. When I set out to shoot somewhere I have learned (through “experience” ) to check my batteries, memory cards etc. Tonight I did no such due diligence.

I thought well, heck, there might be a break in the clouds. I went outside and caught a perfect break in the clouds and there was the moon loud and clear. I went back inside and quickly grabbed my tripod and camera. Rushed outside and the moon was gone – I could barely see a faint bright spot in the sky where it had been. Again I gave up hope. An hour later the clouds miraculously parted and I tried again. After two test exposures the battery died. I grabbed a spare. One more exposure and my memory card was full, so there was a few more minutes wasted getting a fresh one.

There I was – finally all set and…. the moon again disappeared behind the clouds.

My test shot probably could be outdone by most people with an iPhone lol.

So when is the next eclipse? I’ll be prepared next time. I promise!