Keremeos, BC

Keremeos is a small town about 350km west of Vancouver. Full of orchards and fruit stands, for some reason when I visited it earlier this last year on my way back from Kelowna and North Cascades National Park, most of what I photographed was a few plants and the “Sportsman’s Slide” talus slope just outside of town.

talus slope on sportsmans slide in keremeos bc talus slope on sportsmans slide in keremeos bc

talus slope on sportsmans slide in keremeos bc

Cabin on Green Mountain Road

arrowleaf balsamroot balsamorhiza sagittata old log cabin green mountain road between penticton and keremeos

I am not sure what municipal jurisdiction this area fall under, but Green Mountain Road runs between Penticton and Keremeos, BC. Drove through here on my way back home from a visit to Kelowna, BC. This was a nice drive through the interior mountains near the Apex Alpine ski resort.

I did like this old log cabin though. Hope to go back up there in spring when more flowers are blooming. Mostly just saw the Arrowleaf Balsamroot (Balsamorhiza sagittata) picture above.

Similkameen Valley from Goat Mountain Viewing Area

Drove through the Similkameen Valley on Hwy 3B on the way to Keremeos. While Keremeos claims to be the “fruit stand capitol of Canada”, I failed to notice any once there.

Panorama of the Similkameen Valley taken from the Mountain Goat viewing area. Similkameen River in the foreground. 14 stitched photos – Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM. Click for larger version…


Upon seeing this sign it became painfully obvious to me that on future trips such as this, I should bring binoculars. I think I saw a white dot on the mountain, but who knows what it actually was.

similkameenvalley similkameenvalley