Mount Matier Black and White

And now for something completely different…

mount matier in joffre lakes provincial park near pemberton british columbia
Mount Matier
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   I have never posted a B&W photo before as this is the first one I’ve ever created. I decided to do a little something different with my processing of this image of Mount Matier. Mt. Matier is just inside the border of Joffre Lakes Provincial Park East of Pemberton, British Columbia. I was on an epic 13 hour daytrip drive from Langley to Pemberton, through to Lilooet (complete with a wrong turn that also took me to Birkenhead Lake), then down through the Fraser Canyon to Hope, then back to Langley. There was no stopping to wait for good light, so this image suffered greatly in harsh sunlight – at least for the colour version. I quite like how it turned out with this B&W treatment though. I have been looking at a lot of the great work by Olivier Du Tré and this inspired me to try processing this way. I used his guide to some of the techniques he uses to create his photographs to process this image. This is the first BW I have ever put online – constructive feedback is welcome!