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May 2008 Part III

dandelion dandelion dandelion

dandelion insect buttercupant

buttercupant bee bee

bee spider on iris spider on iris

spider on iris walnut knot

April 2008 Photos – Part I

Im not even a year behind anymore!

I single this one out because its probably one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken in the last while. It was all a lucky accident too, I just leaned over and took a few pictures of this guy on this flower as I walked past. I might see how large I can blow it up for my wall…

A few more of Pasque Flower

pasque flower

bathroom window lichhen beeonheather beeonheather

Star Magnolia

starmag starmag

Walnut Tree

Grape Hyacinth


Molly & Bija

bija bija bija


daffodils daffodils daffodils daffodils



March 2008 Photos

Cascade Falls

cascadefalls cascadefalls cascadefalls

cascadefallsbridge cascadefalls cascadefalls


This one done with HDR. I still think its a bit like cheating.


iMac Spider


primula honeybeeonheather honeybeeonheather

honeybeeonheather insectonheather molly


February 2008 Photos

hairyplant rosehips rosethorns

lavender moss moss mite

Now THAT’S Macro Depth of Field!

moss mite

fly fly

Winter Heather

winterheather winterheather winterheather

Option Paralysis

bullrush bullrush

Lunar Eclipse Feb 20

lunareclipse lunareclipse

Glen Valley

cntrain cntrain horse

Sumas Prairie


Mt. Baker

mtbaker mtbaker