Dust Storm at Kilby Provincial Park

High winds blow dust and dirt into the air over Harrison Bay near Kilby Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

dust storm over harrison bay in harrison mills, British Columbia, Canada

Dust Storm at Kilby Provincial Park (Purchase)

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   A few weeks ago when I headed out into the Fraser Valley to photograph Harrison lake and Mount Cheam I first stopped at Kilby Provincial Park. Located along the Harrison River and Harrison Bay, I was hoping to find a few new angles to photograph Mt. Cheam and to possibly spot some wildlife. What I found was a dry, windswept dustbowl that was not at all hospitable. The wind nearly knocked me over a few times, and while I found a new angle on Mount Cheam I did not photograph it. The amount of dust blowing around meant I was not going to dare change lenses and I am glad that I didn’t. I had enough dust in my eyes and ears for a few days I really didn’t want that kind of mess in my camera or lenses. I actually covered it in a plastic bag like I would when it is raining!

   I tried to show here what the conditions were like, though the windchill (about -10°C) is tough to convey. Normally one would have a clear view towards Deroche Mountain across the Bay (a distance of 4km/2.8 miles), but in this photograph you can just make out some of the trees through all the dust and dirt in the air. As the colour version of this photograph had very little color, I converted this photograph to black and white.

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival (2013)

A Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) roosting in a tree at Chehalis Flats during the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival in British Columbia, Canada

bald eagle roosting in a tree at chehalis flats during the fraser valley bald eagle festival in british columbia, canada

Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) on the Chehalis Flats (Purchase)

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   Last weekend I headed out to the Harrison and Chehalis Flats area to photograph Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) with Seattle area photographer Steve Cole during the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival.

   The cold temperatures had frozen a lot of the shallow waters along the Chehalis Flats area. While the flowing water in some of the channels still had some spawning salmon, much of the water was frozen. I suspect many of the dead salmon that would normally be eagle food were frozen into the ice, and as a consequence there were not nearly as many eagles as usual along the roadside where I often photograph. One eagle did sit on the ice eating a salmon head for a few minutes before flying away. The adult pictured above perched in this tree and remained fairly still so I was able to make some photographs. Not the opportunities that we found last year but still my second most successful trip out there.