Sunset at Upper Tipsoo Lake

upper tipsoo lake sunset at mount rainier national park

Upper Tipsoo Lake

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   About a month ago I was at Upper Tipsoo Lake in Mount Rainier National Park during sunset. My main focus there was the great display of wildflowers, as the mountain itself was being a bit shy with the clouds. I was lucky enough that while making this photo the silhouette of Rainier showed through the top of the clouds along with a nice bit of sunset light. A lack of a breeze to mar the nice reflection was nice too!


Mt. Rainier from Tipsoo Lake Lookout

mount rainier from tipsoo lake lookout

9 exposures stitched, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 IS USM @ 97mm

Mount Rainier with the Cowlitz Chimneys, Barrier Peak and Governors Ridge in the foreground (L to R). I shot this panorama during my last trip to Mount Rainier National Park from a spot along SR 410 near my other Tipsoo Lake panorama.

Sunrise Point Panorama

Panorama from Sunrise Point in Mt. Rainier National Park. From left to right: Crystal Mountain, Yakima Peak, Natches Peak, Governors Ridge, Tamanos Mountain, Goat Island Mountain, Cowlitz Chimneys, Little Tahoma, and Mt. Rainier. The White River is in the foreground.

11 exposures stitched, Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM @ 17mm

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sunrise point and mt rainier