Spring in Campbell Valley Park

In Campbell Valley Park, a pair of Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) escort their goslings across McLean Pond.

canada goose family on mclean pond campbell valley park

Canada Geese pair with goslings (Purchase)

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   As warmer, spring weather is finally here – I headed to Campbell Valley Park last week to photograph whatever I could find around McLean pond. Turns out the Dandelion flowers of the week before (see below) were spent, so I used most of my time photographing this Canada Goose family. Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) are pretty ubiquitous around here, but I hadn’t before had the opportunity to photograph a family such as this, and not as close as this. While I most often use it for landscapes, my 1.4x extender was purchased for wildlife encounters such as this one, and it performs well on my 70-200mm lens. This allowed me to sit on the bank and let them swim by whenever they wanted – I didn’t disturb them much at all. What did bother this pair was another pair of adults that seemed to take a run at them every 10 minutes or so. The male (I presume) would swim over, get really close to the mother and goslings, and the parental male would chase him away, then chase the female away. There was a lot of squawking, splashing and flapping of wings. I don’t know if this was about territory or what exactly, but they were persistent the entire time I was there (about an hour).

   In the Metro Vancouver/Fraser Valley area we don’t have big fields of wildflowers in any form other than that of the Common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). While these are considered a weed in lawns and gardens – I do think they make a credible wildflower display in fields such as this one in Campbell Valley Park. Not quite as impactful as some of the alpine and subalpine fields with multiple species such as those found at Mount Rainier, but still worthy of some attention.

sunset at jack point in biggs park nanaimo

A field of Dandelions blooming in Campbell Valley Park (Purchase)

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Spring in the Backyard

Taking a bit of a break from processing the Mt. Rainier photos (though still a bunch of interesting ones to come – and a few new panoramas). Yesterday was nice and sunny and I wandered out into the backyard to give my macro lens some much needed exercise.

The walnut tree always has some great texture to the bark.

walnut bark walnut bark

Lilac (Lilas commun) buds about to flower. Most of these were killed by frost but here is a survivor.

Lilac  -  lilas commun - about to bloom Lilac  -  lilas commun - about to bloom

A wasp or fly of some sort (yes, some mimic to appear scary) that I am too lazy to ID because I am simply not interested in spending a hour+ in an insect key. This one is on a Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). Also, Bluebells (Hyacinthoides sp.) about to flower.

wasp fly dandelion taraxacum officinale bluebells - hyacinthoides sp - buds


lichen on arbour lichen on arbour



I have very little clue what this dried up plant skeleton really is. I shall investigate but it was in the remains of last years Peony plants and, I have no better guess. Looks more interesting in macro though (its actually about an inch long).

plant skeleton from peony (likely) plant skeleton from peony (likely)