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Sunset at Larrabee State Park’s Clayton Beach

New photos from Clayton Beach at Larrabee State Park in Bellingham, WA.

sunset at larrabee state park in washington state usa

A winter sunset at Clayton Beach – Larrabee State Park in Bellingham

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   In March of 2012 I visited Larrabee State Park in Washington State. Both of these photos are from Clayton Beach and show the interesting foregrounds possible on this sort of sandstone beach.

   One of my favourite features of Clayton Beach was the sandstone along the edge of the ocean. Most of the “beaches” that I know in this region are either sandy or are a rocky beach that is rather slippery. The usual barnacles, mussels, and algae such as Fucus distichus are still present. As they are on a sandstone surface, however, the rocks are not very slippery even when wet. It feels a bit like walking on sandpaper – and it was nice to not have to worry as much about falling on my butt!

sunset at larrabee state park in washington state usa

Sunset light on sandstone formations at Clayton
Beach in Larrabee State Park – Bellingham

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   Other than just providing a non slip surface to walk on, the sandstone provides some great textures and shapes (called Tafoni) for the foreground of a photograph. Both of these images have interesting shapes in the foreground, though the second is more pronounced with more visible pockets of erosion. My previously published photo from Larrabee shows a larger sandstone formation.

   I have a new gallery of Ocean Photos on my website which includes more from my trip to Larabee State park. More Ocean themed photos are on their way…

Fall at Chilliwack Lake Part II

Some fall color at Chilliwack Lake. The mountain at the end of the lake is Mt Redoubt, but is actually in North Cascades National Park in Washington State.

chillwack lake mt redoubt at chillwack lake beach rocks at chillwack lake

mt redoubt at chillwack lake chillwack lake beach

Bromley Rock Provincial Park in Spring

Bromley Rock Provincial Park at fairly high water. Glad I did not try to photograph it in the summer when the water is low and it is crawling with people in brightly coloured float tubes and boats. The river here is the Similkameen River.

bromleyrockbeach bromleyrockbeach bromleyrockprovincialpark

bromleyrockbeach bromleyrockprovincialpark