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Mt. Rainier from Sunrise

View of Mt. Rainier from Sunrise Park Road (maybe half way between Sunrise Point and the Sunrise Visitor Center). Was not too many minutes after I took this shot that Mt. Rainier was completely enveloped in clouds. This is likely categorized as a Lenticular cloud (Altocumulus lenticularis).

mt rainier sunrise park road

Lenticular Cloud Forming On Mt. Rainier

Well, maybe. I don’t know a lot about how Lenticular clouds form, but the cloud shown here, at Reflection lakes, turned into one shortly after. In September of last year I drove through Mt. Rainier National Park from Longmire to Sunrise. When I left Sunrise the Lenticular cloud was hovering over Mt. Rainier like a pancake, but you’ll have to wait a few days until that picture surfaces here. A cliffhanger!

mt rainier reflection lakes lenticular cloud mt rainier reflection lakes lenticular cloud

mt rainier mirror lakes lenticular cloud