Silver Lake Reflections Redux

Hope Mountain reflected in Silver Lake after a storm at Silver Lake Provincial Park near Hope, British Columbia, Canada

hope mountain reflected in silver lake

Hope Mountain/Wells Peak Reflecting in Silver Lake

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   I posted an earlier version of this photograph almost 4 years ago. Since then my perspective and skills with post processing (and making photographs) has changed quite a bit. With most of my older images I look at them and see potential that alternate processing may release. In the case of this one, my reaction was more along the lines of “what was I thinking!?”. So I’ve reprocessed this photograph of Hope Mountain/Wells Peak reflected in the waters of Silver Lake and I think it is a much improved representation of this scene than my original processing.

For more images from this location please visit my Silver Lake Provincial Park gallery.

4 thoughts on “Silver Lake Reflections Redux”

  1. Any suggestions for post processing? I’m new to photography and love your photos! Any hints you’d like to share?

    • Entire books have been written on that subject! 😉 Not knowing anything about what you do now, I just have a few suggestions. I started shooting digital with RAW+JPG, but quickly moved to just RAW. If you haven’t shot anything in Raw yet, give it a try (you’ll still have the jpg handy just in case). It is very much a process that makes a photograph your own, vs one partly made by the camera. The other thing I see a lot is people trying to overcome shortcomings of a photograph by upping the saturation/vibrance beyond what looks natural. You’ll notice one of the principle differences between the reprocessed photograph above and the previous one is that the saturation of some colours were unnatural and overdone.

  2. Awesome!! Thanks so much! I’ve been using RAW and definitely know what you’re talking about with the unnatural saturation and vibrance. I thank you for the help!

  3. Have a look at some of the videos by Michael Frye where he goes through how to process using Lightroom. Adobe Camera Raw is basically the same thing with a different UI on top, so the principles are the same. His videos changed how I processed in that they finally convinced me to use a custom tone curve in ACR for contrast/brightness/white and black points. Made a big difference for me.


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