First Signs of Spring ‐ Crocus Flowers

a crocus flower - crocus vernus - emerges from the ground in one of the first signs of spring

Crocus vernus

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   Lets ignore the fact I had a bit of snow a week ago, yesterday it was +16°C/61°F and felt like Spring. These Crocus flowers (Crocus vernus I believe) in the backyard are helping to convince me that Spring might actually be here. At least it feels closer although today is raining and a bit chilly.


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4 Responses to “First Signs of Spring ‐ Crocus Flowers”

  1. I love the depth of field and the beautiful colours in this Michael.

  2. Love the Crocus (croci?). They are a hopeful and beautiful sign of the season. I find the contrast between the purple petals and bright orange amazing and of course nice use of DOF. I have a few of these flowers at my house and some years they even poke up early through the snow.

  3. Prim Sisters & Co. says:

    I love these flowers, thanks!

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