18 Roses in a Backyard Rose Garden

   This spring I decided to document as many rose varieties I could find in my parent’s rose gardens. I’ve made a few photographs of them in the past, but I figured documenting them by name and variety (accurately) would be a good idea. Most of these roses fall into the categories of Rambler, Climbing, Old Garden, Shrub, Species, and David Austin’s English Roses. This is a sampling of those photographs – you can find all that I’ve made so far in my Roses Gallery.

rosa new dawn

New Dawn (Climbing Roses)

rosa glauca

Rosa glauca – Red Leaved Rose (Species Rose)

eglantine rose

Rosa rubiginosa Eglantine (Species Rose) was said to be Shakespeare’s favourite rose

fimbriata rose

Rosa rugosa – Fimbriata (Old Garden Roses)

celestial roses

Celestial (Old Garden Roses)

*Schneekoppe rose

Rosa rugosa “Schneekoppe” or “Snow mountain” (Shrub Roses)

Rosa muliganii*

Rosa mulliganii (Rambler Roses) “

rose macrantha

Rosa macrantha (Species Roses)

bonica rose

Bonica (Shrub Roses)

shrub rose alba meidiland

Alba Meidiland (Shrub Rose)

mary rose

Mary Rose (David Austin’s English Roses)

rosa leda

Rosa ‘Leda’ (Old Garden Roses)

Konigin von Danemark

‘Queen of Denmark’ (Königin von Dänemark) (Old Garden Roses)

american pillar rose

“American Pillar” (Rambler Rose)

graham thomas rose

Graham Thomas (David Austin’s English Roses)

fantin latour rose

Rosa centifolia Fantin Latour (Old Garden Rose)

dentelle de malines rose

Dentelle de Malines (Shrub Roses)

the fairy rose

The Polyantha Rose “The Fairy” (Shrub Roses)

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