Mount Rainier Wildflowers – Edith Creek

A small waterfall on Edith Creek in Mount Rainier National Park during wildflower season at Paradise, Washington State, USA

mount rainier and edith creek in mount rainier national park

Mount Rainier and Edith Creek (Purchase)

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   This spot along the Skyline Trail in Mount Rainier National Park features both Rainier and Edith Creek. It happens to be one of those “iconic” locations that is often photographed, and you can see why. Many photographers publicly deride iconic locations and those who photograph them but I don’t have a problem with shooting in these places (obviously). These locations are icons for a reason – they offer great scenery and are often easily accessible. After photographing an iconic location, however, I do think you should try thinking outside the box and find your own compositions in the area. There are always other angles and subjects to shoot that have not been photographed so many times before. Those who shoot an icon and then turn around and leave are missing out on a lot of the fun.

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