Lets go back in time

So now that I have a forum to present these things, I’m going to go back through all the photos I’ve taken in the last year (5,000 approximately) and post some of the better ones here as I go.

Lets kick this off with a picture of the “dog”.




A Brief Tour of Stanley Park

Wandered around Stanley Park in Vancouver a little a few weeks ago. The bright sunny morning turned out to be a bit of a challenge… but some turned out:


brocktonpoint seawall1 brocktonpoint brocktonpoint brocktonpoint

And yes, I was “attacked” shortly after…

canadageese canadageese canadageese

coalharbour harryjeromestatue

They are going to cut this down as its a safety hazard now. Apparently they don’t want someone to get it across the head. Attractive blue fence ain’t it?



I love this bridge:

lionsgatebridge lionsgatebridge lionsgatebridge lionsgatebridge lionsgatebridge lionsgatebridge

ionsgatebridgeseaplane lionsgatebridgeandgrouse lumbermansarch overhang seawall

Big storm a few winters ago just completely decimated this part of the park. Before there was no way you’d see the ocean from here…

stormdamag stormdamag

Early April Spring Pics

Virtually all of these are with the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro. Not easy to macro hand held!

My favorite here – the rest under the link:


bumblebeeonheather bumblebeeonheather bumblebeeonheather

daffodils daffodils

And now for something completely different:


Due to overwhelming requests for pictures of lichen (okay, just one), here we go:


Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) before opening:


After opening:


Sadly all my shots of two ants “fighting” on this flower did not turn out. Guess pollen is really worth it…




Backyard Photo Shennanigans

Just some pics from the backyard. Be warned bee blanchers, there are bees behind the link below!

First, my favorite of the bunch….


Oh, and a spider too!


honeybee honeybeeonheather primula

This guy has been sitting on the edge of my iMac for a week. Every time I think he’s dead I get the end of a pencil near him and he attacks it. I wonder how long this will last.


Cascade Falls near Mission, BC

Took a drive to Cascade Falls on Sunday as I’d never been there. Pleasantly surprised at both the falls and the fact there was still snow on the ground up there.


Yeah, they all are kind of similar but these were selected from about 70 exposures…. I had some option paralysis.

cascadefalls cascadefalls inukshuk

mini cascadefalls


Thanks to the 10-22mm lens I was able to shoot more than just the following (Canon 50mm 1.4)


“Trip” to Glen Valley, Sumas Prairie

First we have the train picture. Notable mostly because I was nearly run over within seconds of taking it.


I took that picture, backed up a bit and a truck came around the corner wide and onto the shoulder. One of those assholes with the raised shitty pickup on way too big tires. I didn’t die at least, and consequently took the rest of these:

glenvalleyhorse glenvalley sumasprairie

Not satisfied with these… will be going back – looks like a good vantage point for this shot. Some great angles on it in Washington State too….