North Quarry Gardens in Queen Elizabeth Park

Magnolias and Rhododendrons blooming in the North Quarry Gardens in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

magnolia flowers in queen elizabeth parks north quarry gardens

Queen Elizabeth Park’s North Quarry Gardens

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   Most people visiting the gardens at Queen Elizabeth Park head for the main quarry garden just beneath the Bloedel Conservatory. To the north, under the Seasons in the Park Restaurant is the North Quarry Gardens. This area has a lot of nice Magnolia and Rhododendron flowers, as well as more trails and routes through the park. Something to check out next time you are Queen Elizabeth Park!

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3 thoughts on “North Quarry Gardens in Queen Elizabeth Park”

    • Thank you Richard! If I recall the last time you were up here you visited the UBC Botantical Gardens – have you ever checked out the VanDusen Botanical Gardens?

      • I went to Van Dusen last time but it was probably not the best time of year so I didnt find it that interesting compared to other gardens ive been to in Canada. I went to the UBC Anthropology Museum in 2009 but didnt make it to the garden unless the rose garden counts. Hopefully someday,


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