The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

lynn canyon suspension bridge

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

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   The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver is always best photographed on gloomy days. There are fewer reflections off of the trees and the metal floor of the bridge. Each time I visit this bridge I am reminded how much more satisfying the experience here is compared to the more famous, larger, Capilano Suspension Bridge. The bridge in Lynn Canyon is not only free, it offers a much more scenic and natural location and without any of the “tourist trap” feel of the Capilano Bridge. On my trip here last fall I did some hiking and also photographed Twin Falls which is just downstream. If you visit I highly recommend you head down the stairs, stairs and more stairs to the falls, though I be aware it is probably full of fence hopping swimmers in the summer months.

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  1. Use to go there for Sunday walks. Always take or recommend visitors go see this and if it is the summer, walk up to 30ft pool and watch the cliff divers.

    It truly is much better than the Capilano bridge.

    • I agree – I am glad to have visited Capilano but I much prefer an authentic outdoors experience compared to one manufactured for tourists. Lynn Canyon has a lot to offer – and I really should explore much more of it. I photographed Twin Falls a few years ago and I bet there are a few more cool spots like that to discover and photograph. Thanks for your comment!


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