Huntoon Point & Mount Shuksan

A few “leftovers” from my trip to Mt. Baker back in October. I like these shots but never found the will to make dedicated posts about them. So here they are.

First I have always liked the angle of the Hwy 20 near Artist Point from this vantage point. The short hike to Huntoon Point from Artist Point has a few small tarns but I think this was a bit late in the year to have them full and capable of reflecting more of Mount Shuksan.

mount shuksan above sr 542 mt shuksan reflected in a tarn near artist point

mt shuksan reflected in a tarn near artist point canadian and american border peaks and mt larabee

Canadian Border Peak, American Border Peak, and Mt. Larrabee from Artist Point (above).

Finally, Mount Shuksan reflected in Picture Lake.

mt. shuksan reflected in picture lake

4 thoughts on “Huntoon Point & Mount Shuksan”

  1. Wow…I really like these pictures…they are really amazing…After I moved to Bellingham I bought my first digital camera just weeks before heading up to Mt. Baker for the first time…Looking back I wish that I could have taken more pictures…It really is a beautiful piece of real estate…Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comments 🙂 You seen to live real close to Mount Rainier National Park – lots of great scenery up there to shoot too!


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