Hedley, British Columbia

The town of Hedley, BC is about 37km south east of Princeton along Hwy 3B.

hedley hedley

hedley hedley

    When I pulled over to photograph the sign in the first photo (to record where on earth I actually was)… these horses came running (full out) towards me. I think the idea is they come and look nice for passing tourists in hopes of getting tasty handouts. I had no tasty handouts, so their enthusiasm for my presence waned quickly. A few minutes later, after they had already started wandering off – a bunch of “city folk” stopped with almost as much enthusiasm for actually seeing horses as the horses originally had for seeing me. Apples were handed out and everyone was happy with the exception of the father who had a negative interaction with the barbed wire fence. Yes – those things ARE sharp, thats sort of the point.

horsesinhedley horsesinhedley horsesinhedley

horsesinhedley horsesinhedley

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