Grove of the Patriarchs

Being from the West coast of Canada, the “old growth” forest at the Grove of the Patriarchs in Mt. Rainier National Park did not really impress me a lot. Still, it was a nice walk to the grove. I think that this area might have been a bit more stunning before the flooding rearranged the area – a sandy forest floor was not really what I was expecting.

grove of the patriarchs boardwalk douglas fir - pseudotsuga menziesii - bark

western red cedar thuja plicata bark ohanapecosh river bridge in grove of the patriarchs ohanapecosh river in grove of the patriarchs

2 thoughts on “Grove of the Patriarchs”

  1. I like your photos from the Grove of the Patriarchs. There are so many different textures. I was there eight years ago on a family vacation. We were walking along the boardwalk and a photographer took a picture of our family for some magazine, although I’m not sure which one. This year I hope to take my wife there since she’s never been. Thanks for sharing the photos. It gets me excited about going again.

    • Yeah I love MRNP too! Thanks for your comment. I have to get back there sometimes this year too – want to hit it in full wildflower season – mostly been there in the fall so far.


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