Chilliwack Lake Winter Panorama

Panorama of Chilliwack Lake in the winter including Mount Redoubt, Mount Edgar, and Nodoubt Peak

panorama of chilliwack lake in winter

Winter at Chilliwack Lake (Purchase)

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   Wide angle shot from Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park back in January. Glad I had a few shots I like from this trip as I nearly froze my toes off! I have posted a few shots previously of this location concentrating more on Mount Redoubt and Nodoubt Peaks.

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3 Responses to “Chilliwack Lake Winter Panorama”

  1. mel says:

    wow, what a beautiful scenery! love the reflection of the mountains in the lake

  2. Angela Faith says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. The hand of the creator knows the beauty in life and captures!!

  3. Daniel says:


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