Moving my blog to a new URL

   You might have noticed that the url of this photoblog has changed. The old url of has changed to:

   Just over 9 years ago I started this photoblog as a place to share my photography online. Back then I did some research on the SEO benefits of using a subdomain vs. a subdirectory. At the time a subdomain was the better place for something like my blog over a subdirectory. A lot can change in 9 years on the internet, and for several years now subdirectories have been better for search rankings. So I’ve moved the photoblog from my old subdomain ( to the /blog subdirectory. Hopefully this location remains a solid SEO choice because I always find moving a website to be a bit of a pain, especially wordpress and databases in the mix.

   I have also added https to the site as that is another factor that is now part of search result rankings. Your browser may soon start to kick and scream a bit if a site you are visiting isn’t https, even when not submitting important info like usernames and passwords. This time it didn’t take me years to catch up to the new way of doing things at least!

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