Mt. Rainier Wildflowers

A few wildflowers from Mt. Rainier National Park. Merten’s Bluebells (Mertensia paniculata) and a somewhat beleaguered Avalanche Lily (Erythronium montanum). A better version of this flower can be found in a previous post of mine. Next trip there will not be so rushed and I will likely have more of a chance to get the macro lens after these a bit more.

mertens bluebells mertensia paniculata mertens bluebells mertensia paniculata

avalanche lily erythronium montanum mertens bluebells mertensia paniculata

Honeybee (Apis mellifera) on Forget-me-not

After a seemingly endless search for the “perfect” bee shot, I decided last summer to skip a year in taking them. I have some nice bee shots, but I became so tired of sorting through them I don’t even want to look at a bee on a flower for a while.


For some reason I took this shot in the middle of a bunch of other macro shots back in May – and it turned out rather well. I have several shots of bees with their “tongues” stuck out – but this guy actually has it IN a flower from a forget-me-not.

bee on forgetmenot

Closer Crop – you can see the tongue better:

bee on forgetmenot
Bee on Forget-me-not (2009)

A Few Leftover Winter Shots

Now that the weather has turned hot I’ll post a few pictures with snow. Lots of snow this past winter – almost 3 feet on the ground at once which I do not think I’ve seen here before. Enjoyable except for being trapped at the house for almost a week due to snow on the road.

pinetree buriedfence birdtracks

walnuttree roses

A few from early January:

frostedmagnolia frostyrosebush frozenhips